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The project that I recently started to build in my spare time aims to simplify building a data table based views using Cocoa framework. Everyone that has tried to build a view that resembles a built-in iPhone Settings app knows that it's not so easy, especially when you need to leverage a different UI controls inside your table cells like UISwitch, UISlider etc. Even if you know how to do it it's a very repetitive and boring task which most often also results in a low quality code. The project that I started to build is in its early stages at the moment, but it might be already useful for some of you so I decided to finally reveal some details about it.

For everyone interested I suggest to get the sources from the sample project hosted on a github. This project references ios-datatable project using a git submodule.

Download details

git clone git://
cd ios-dataview
git submodule init
git submodule update

The result of running just a few lines of a code should be the following:

ios-datatable screenshot

Just to give you an idea how easy it is to build a slider cell, look at the following line of a code:

XPSliderDataCell *cell4 = [[XPSliderDataCell alloc] initWithText:@"Sample slider" value:.5f];

More to come...

There is more than just displaying, the library will also support the following:

  • 2-way data binding - so you can bind your classes / properties to Data Cells and those properties will be displayed and updated by changes in data cell,
  • Events through delegates and blocks - so you can react on changes in data cells.

Let me know if you have any other requests and if you like the project or want to contribute - do let me know. Thanks!