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Well, it’s been a while and today I am really happy to announce that my first game Hit The Lights is now live on the App Store. And what’s important - you can download it for FREE! For those that didn’t read my previous posts - Hit The Lights is a new take on laser puzzle, a challenging game for iPhone with a gameplay that reminds of and old, good “The Incredible Machine” series.

The goal of each level is simple – to connect laser emitters with corresponding receptors. You can find more information about a game on official web page or on the App Store. Some technical details. The game was implemented with a help of cocos2d v2.1, all interfaces were designed in CocosBuilder and texture atlases were done with TexturePacker. I must admit that without these tools it will be much harder to create this game, so I really recommend this toolset for every developer. The game was implemented using MVC pattern that I explained in my other posts.


  • 80 challenging levels (more to come in future updates)
  • Stunning 2D cartoon graphics & animation
  • Original music by Justin Sandercoe
  • Highly polished gameplay
  • Game Center enabled
  • Achievements
  • Online leaderboards
  • In-game tutorial

I hope you like the game and will be a real fun for you to play it! Remember to follow the game fan pages to get notified about the updates. You can follow on Facebook or Twitter.