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IT consultant and entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in a variety of medium-size line of business applications, mostly in .NET technology.

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I started working on my new game almost a year ago, the initial commit on my git repository states it was exactly on the 8th of October. I documented some parts of the design decisions I made for this game in my three part series post as part of my idevblogaday schedule. And since that time not so much has happened on my blog. I did some iOS apps in the meantime and this in fact has also affected my game schedule (which supposed to be out already!).

One of the most interesting projects I made was the one I did for Justin Sandercoe a couple months ago - the Rhythm Trainer Metronome, which among the typical features you will find in any other metronome it also has some nice training modes which helps you develop your "inner metronome" when the metronome stops. If you are a musician looking for a great metronome which is designed and tested by a musician I really recommend this one - it's very accurate and has nice set of features. Working on this project extended my CoreAudio skills a lot, most of the metronomes on the market uses NSTimer for timing which is not adequate for audio apps and if you want to go beyond that and have accurate metronome - RemoteIO is the way to go.

Hit The Lights

Hit The Lights IconThe game that I want to announce today is called Hit The Lights and that's the project I've been working in the evenings and nights during the last months. Its main idea is to connect light rays from emitters with corresponding light receptors. In order to complete the level you will use different game pieces like mirrors, prisms, color filters and some others. The physician from the application icon is the one that will help you learn about the colours, how they can be combined together to create a new color and how the given color can be divided into separate color componenets.

And because I believe one picture is worth more than a thousand of words, this is how the game looks like at the moment:

Hit The Lights Menu

Hit The Lights Gameplay

Beta testing

If you're interested and want to help testing the game please follow the link on a Test Flight. I would be very happy if you give me your feedback, I hope you will enjoy the game as much as I do! Thanks!