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IT consultant and entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in a variety of medium-size line of business applications, mostly in .NET technology.

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This is my first on iDevBlogADay after few months. Last time I only managed to write two blog posts and due to my other business activities and more restricted blog posting schedule I failed to blog the third time. At that time I started to learn & like a MonoTouch framework but really failed to test it in a real-world app. I hope all of you that were expecting the story about MonoTouch to be continued are not very disappointed (and angry on me) that I stopped and didn't manage to continue this series of posts. I don't plan to continue it in the coming weeks but I hope that you will find my upcoming posts interesting as well.

The story so far

Before I start I would like to briefly reveal my iPhone development story so far.

I started development on iOS platform in the beginning of 2010 mostly as my spare time hobby. I still have a full time .NET job and much more experience on that platform (mostly in LOB applications) but at that time I wanted to try something new and iPhone development sounded like a great fun and a big opportunity. I started my blog half year later mostly to post about technical stuff. The most popular technical articles so far are the ones that cover cocos2d and MVC platform:

  1. How to implement MVC in cocos2d game
  2. How to implement MVC in cocos2d game - part 2

The game that I started to build initially (in cocos2d) unfortunately landed on my projects' graveyard but I managed to roll out my first application (EarPlay Guitarist) for aural training which aims to help guitarist  learn how the chords sound. You can find it on the App Store in both paid and free (lite) version.

  1. EarPlay Guitarist,
  2. EarPlay Guitarist Lite

Plan for upcoming posts

In the coming weeks I will be posting about technical stuff I learned that I hope would help at least some of you. I learned from you a lot so now it's time that I share something back (after a long time of inactivity). My plan is that I will continue my cocos2d meets MVC posts and update it based on my newest experience and a feedback I got from you. This should cover:

  1. Simplification of current implementation (Keep It Simple, Stupid!),
  2. Real-world examples or even a simple complete game implemented in cocos2d and following MVC pattern,
  3. Implementation updates to conform with the latest cocos2d version.

Get in touch

Let me know what do you thing and if you have anything else that would be interesting for you feel free to contact me.

You can follow me on twitter: @bwilczyn or you can contact me directly using a contact form on this website.