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Bartek Wilczynski

IT consultant and entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in a variety of medium-size line of business applications, mostly in .NET technology.

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My full-time .NET development has taken all of my power recently and I realized I haven't posted anything since March 14th. I didn't post on time on idevblogaday and I ended up on the last position of a waiting list. My excuse is that that Monday I was on a business trip in Langenfeld (Germany) and I was accommodated in a non-internet hotel (can you believe it?), my iPhone data roaming is turned off by default (and I don't want to change it :) which prevented me from posting on time ;)

Anyway, I am waiting for my next turn and I am pretty sure this time will be better (I am now #31). Recently I have made a small "demo" project for one of Polish telecom company - client-server Cocoa Touch application which utilizes RESTful Web Services and is mostly based on UITableViewControllers. I am going to post something on this topic in the coming days so, if you are interested, don't unsubscribe me from your reader and... see you soon!!!

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